Musical Theatre Blog: Everything I Know About the Bible, I Learned from Musical Theatre

From Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell, Children of Eden and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Also, I should probably say Prince of Egypt as well, even though that’s not technically a stage show, but still, learned so much from the music

I find it really odd to be a completely non-religious person and be so enamored with these musicals. I find them entertaining, and very worthwhile story telling.

I had the same experience as most being exposed to some of these shows. I watched the JCS movie really young, and it scared me, and then bored me. I sang "Any Dream Will Do" with a High School Ensemble, I heard "Day by Day" in Wet Hot American Summer, it did nothing for me, until I really started diving into theatre and I teched on Godspell, and then was in JCS a year later, and it hit me what a powerful story it was. It never did anything for me, theologically, but the drama hit home at my emotional core. The love, and the loss, it was great, also, great scores. As you may have read previously, I am not a big ALW fan, but Superstar is just the bees knees for me. Stephen Scwartz is good with me, and has always made me happy, and Godspell is a good example of why.

I'm totally out of the frame in this photo, but I was in this cast

Prince of Egypt was always something I was obsessed with. I saw the movie opening weekend, I got a boxed set with a picture, and tickets to the movie, I just love it. When you Believe, in all of its forms (Feature Length Film version or the ICONIC Pop Version with Whitney & Mariah) always makes me tear up, its just a composing, and great writing.

JATATD & Children of Eden came to me much later in life, and while i'm not as well versed in those scores & books, they are always a great listen, or a great show if i get a chance to catch them. I think its the accessibility of religion, and faith, mixed with the ease of music that makes these stories so grand to me.

I did kick butt at a Jeopardy category once, and it was on the bible, and I owe my streak to these shows.

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