About Me

While I had been dabbling in marketing and communications for

several non-profits for years, in 2019, I moved into the professional

world of Marketing, Communications and Social Media 

management for a non-profit organization. This position shaped

my professional goals and triumphs.

While working at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center,

I was able to establish a system that worked directly with

departments to understand important needs and develop

strategies with marketing ambassadors to successfully market

each program and build brand identity. 


It was also a vital part of understanding the need and importance

of brand management and integrity for the organization.

I was able to find new ways to share the updated branding

with my colleagues, helping them communicate and implement

their new programs with a cohesive voice and look. 


I am passionate about showcasing organizations at their absolute

best. Taking testimonials, videos, and graphics to build a cohesive campaign strategy that will attract ticket buyers, donors, or new community members is vital to a non-profit's continued success. I have the tool-it to build those campaigns and expand on already existing strategies.

I specialize in non-profit marketing because it is commonly overlooked. Many organizations, especially new ones, don't have the capacity to build cohesive, cutting-edge strategies. Social media trends and new communication platforms are daunting and take time to learn and utilize properly. I make it a point to stay up-to-date on those trends and fads. I enjoy breaking them down for others, showing them the importance of why their organization could thrive in these new frontiers.