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Kyle Winnick

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My Documented Journey

Family Photo Album

Community Holocaust Commemoration
with Jewish Federation

The Safety of the Performing Arts

On Air Sign

Community Divided/Humanity United.
March for Our Lives: An Important Conversation

Pride Flags

National Coming Out Day

April, 2021

A unique virtual experience that explores the Shoah through multi-generational perspectives. Remember the victims of the Holocaust, honor its Survivors, and teach future generations.

Jan, 2017

As a contributor to the Codex, a collective of independent thought, I wrote about the magic of "finding your people" when needing it the most.

June, 2019

Selecting and editing together video clips from this incredible conversation with March For Our Lives Founders and Co-Authors Sofie Whitney and Brendan Duff as well as capturing audience reaction.

October, 2021

Support for Queer Youth is essential. Being a visible member of the queer community is important to me and my husband. There is a hope that normalizing coming out stories and representation in pop culture will stem feelings of isolation.

Coffee and Magazines

"To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement."

Mark Twain

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